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March 23, 2018 / / Gifts

I’ve always hated shopping.  I don’t think I’m alone amongst men either.  The very thought of going into town with the sole objective of ‘shopping’ brings me out in a…

June 1, 2015 / / Shopping and About Town
May 21, 2015 / / Beauty

July 9, 2014 / / Food and Drink

I was reading an article the other day about how much it costs to bring up a child and I was thinking how absurd most of the figures were. To…

June 24, 2014 / / Shopping and About Town

I’ve been short-sighted since I was five and have to wear either contact lenses or glasses to see pretty much anything unless it’s two inches from my face. Yup, I’m…

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January 27, 2014 / / Books
October 28, 2013 / / Shopping and About Town

One thing that infuriates me following an eye test is that they’ve got you by the … well, whatever they’ve got you by!
Following my last eye test I was presented…

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September 6, 2013 / / Food and Drink
April 23, 2013 / / Books

I really enjoyed reading The Child Who by Simon Lelic and will definitely be looking out for more of Simon’s books!
The book focuses on the ‘aftermath’ of a terrible crime…

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March 26, 2013 / / Shopping and About Town

Just thought I’d show you the really fun looking iPhone cases which my daughter and her boyfriend ordered recently from Vistaprint.
Apparently it was dead easy to do and although originally…

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