A Bloke and A Blender

Russell Hobbs Desire BlenderWhy would I want a Russell Hobbs blender? Isn’t it just another kitchen implement? Those were my thoughts until I saw the new Russell Hobbs ‘Desire’ Hand Blender. It’s actually a very smart-looking piece of kit with a sleek, black body, bright red switches and a shiny stainless steel blender head.

It really looks the part, but will it deliver? I was very impressed by how solid and well put-together it is. The detachable head makes it particularly easy to remove for washing or cleaning and it has a good solid click mechanism to attach it, with a simple push-button release.

The blender is light, easy and comfortable to handle and is surprisingly quiet in operation. It has two speeds and comes with a 70cl plastic mixing beaker. Its main beauty however, is how quick and easy it is to get working and equally importantly to clean afterwards. The blade head is open and easy to clean, unlike some I’ve seen which are really awkward to get at, resulting in bits of food being left on after use.

Time for a smoothie now! Where did I put those sausages?

Mr. C

Mr C
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