A Comfy Living Futon

Comfy-Living FutonWhen is a bed not a bed?

You see so many people cussing and cursing their recently-purchased flat-pack furniture that you’d think manufacturers would have by now found the magic formula to keep furniture both easy to assemble and sufficiently well-built to stand the test of time.

What then, were we to make of our new Comfy Living futon which was delivered a couple of days ago (within 24 hours of ordering!!)?  Mrs C had visions of a complex, meccano-esque puzzle confronting us when we finally opened and spilled the contents onto our spare-room floor.  However we were both very pleasantly surprised: firstly by the fact that there were only 5 components in the box – one of these was the instructions and nuts and bolts and secondly by how incredibly easy it was to assemble.  It doesn’t require the use of any tools either other than a finger and thumb.  All was done within 5 minutes and we have to say it looks really nice.  The natural cotton finish of the mattress blends nicely with the pine of the framework and it wouldn’t look out of place in virtually any room due to its neutral finish and unobtrusive design.

Comfy-Living Futon rear viewConverting the Comfy Living Futon from seat to bed and vice-versa is literally a 5-second job and can be carried out by anyone!  It doesn’t require any particular strength or great dexterity, it simply hinges down to lie flat on the floor.  The mattress is nicely padded and comfy, yet remains light and easy enough to handle single-handedly.  It folds and rolls effortlessly.

As a word of caution though, don’t open the zip on the mattress.  It isn’t a cover, but more a way into the filling!

What a quick and easy addition to any room.  Perfect for kids rooms and those inevitable impromptu sleepovers or even to go in the corner of the study for those rare occasions where an extra spare bed is needed

Have a look on www.comfy-living.co.uk

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