A Fab Imagine Spa Weekend

Imagine Spa poolA couple of weekends ago Mr. C and I went along to the Imagine Spa Thames Valley for a real chill-out weekend. It’s based in the newish Hilton Heathrow Terminal 5  which doesn’t make it sound like the most desirable of locations – however you couldn’t be more wrong if that is what you thought. The hotel is a few miles from the airport and I have no idea how they’ve achieved it but we didn’t hear one single plane all weekend – other than when we walked to the car!

Imagine Spa has over 14 spas in their group based in top hotels through the UK. The Imagine Spa we went to in the very swish Hilton was a really friendly spa where the staff made every effort to make us feel like really special people. Nothing was too much for us or indeed for any of the other guests. It was busy yet because there was so much space there, it made no difference.

Imagine Spa relaxation roomWhen the Imagine Spa Management first set up they decided that one of their main aims was going to be to eradicate the kind of problems they’d experienced when they visited spas themselves. So the Imagine Spa treatment menu isn’t too complicated and every single Imagine Spa therapist is trained to be able to do all of the treatments on offer. A real USP, as it means you can choose your treatment on the day and don’t have to pick it out months in advance!

One of their signature treatments is the Rose Quartz Radiance Facial which I treated myself to. I love having facials anyway. For starters, it’s just such a treat to lie still for an hour in a darkened, beautifully scented room and not to have to do anything. This facial was particularly nice and it was good to have the therapist giving me good, honest, heartfelt advice too. The post-facial chat wasn’t just about ‘selling’ their products which often happens afterwards. I fell asleep during Imagine Spa facialthis facial which I always see as a good sign. My skin, although a little ‘rosy’, felt silky and soft for days after the facial and I would heartiy recommend the Rose Quarz Radiance Facial to anyone unsure which facial to go for in any Imagine Spa. It definitely ‘lifted’ my tired complexion and brightened me up!

Mr. C and I also went for a Mud Serail Bath in the Spa and what an odd experience that was! One of the therapist took us into a private room and pointed out 2 bowls of ‘mud’ – one was for our faces and one was for our bodies. She explained to us what we had to do and then left us to our own devices. We locked the door, took off our gowns and ‘cozzies’ and got to work slathering mud all over our own bodies and faces. Basically we had to sit in the heat until the mud started to dry and then the shower would start up all on its own and wash it off Imagine Spa logous, signalling to us it was time to start rubbing more mud all over. It was a strange experience but I’ve got to say that my skin felt so clean, soft and hydrated all over for days afterwards. So if you’re wondering if you should try a mud serail bath, then Yes, go for it! It’s mad, but in a good way!

We had a lovely Hilton Executive Room and as expected it had everything you could need including access to the Executive Lounge in the evening. A couple of complimentary G & Ts and some nibbles set us up nicely for dinner and here’s where we felt ‘let-down’ for the first time all weekend. Everything up until then had been perfect but the meal we were served in The Gallery Bar was nowhere near the standard it should have been for the 4/5 stars Hiton claim to have. To be honest we really wish we had booked dinner in Mr Todiwala’s Kitchen. The smells emanating from that restaurant were divine and seemed to be teasing us as were struggling with our dry, tasteless chicken and defrosted desserts!

Hilton redeemed themselves in the morning with their faultless breakfasts fortunately so we’ll let them off this once for their appalling dinner and assume perhaps they had ‘issues’ in their kitchens the night before.

All in all, we had a relaxing and totally fab Imagine Spa weekend and I’d go again in a flash if I was given the chance.


Mrs C
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