A Hotel in Pictures – Pulitzer Amsterdam

So many pictures, so much art! Every single wall of the fabulous Pulitzer Amsterdam is home to a painting or print worthy of a place in an art gallery.

We didn’t ask but as far as we could work out, many of them were originals. And whether traditional in style or really ‘out there’, the artwork was all very striking. The hotel is a veritable maze, a warren of rooms and buildings on different levels.  It’s quintessentially Dutch elegance and is made up of 25 connecting Golden Age canal houses … no surprise then that The Pulitzer is very different to most 5 Star hotels.

As I said, I loved the gazillion pictures abounding but the trouble is when you try and take pics with your mobile, you can never really do the artwork justice. As you can see here, I’ve either got the light reflecting or even on occasions, shadowy images of Mr. C or me lurking ghostlike within!

The Pulitzer Hotel has a myriad pics and an eclectic mix of bits and bobs everywhere you look.

Am not so fussed on the rather fusty painting above but each to his own! Having spent a day at The Rijkmuseum, it’s pretty obvious that we all have individual tastes and there’s something for everyone.


This one above was one of my favourites!

Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam

Even the sign by the lift and the toiletries were worth a pic, I felt …

How effective is this! In a city of bikes, what a brilliant idea!

Loving these tassels!

Free pens in hotels are two-a-penny, so why not offer an old-fashioned pencil instead!

… and how stylish is this phone! See what I mean, there’s a photo to be taken everywhere at Pulitzer Amsterdam.

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