A Positive Approach to Cold Sores

Reading through a few of my recent posts, you must all think I’m a right old Victor Meldrew, who grizzles and groans about anything and everything. I suppose it’s because it’s always easy to criticise things in a negative way. It’s really not the case because I’m actually quite proud of being very positive in my approach to life, work and people.

When I talk to others about the importance of positive attitudes I always think back to my last job in a previous career, where a negative approach simply wasn’t on the agenda. Sometimes, even in the face of adversity, the simple belief that things were possible was enough to ensure they got done. I regularly say to Matthew, my youngest, when he uses the word ‘can’t’ a little too frequently that I think he actually means ‘won’t’. “Don’t say ‘can’t’ unless you’ve exhausted every option available, and even then, don’t shout it from the rooftops” is my frequent response. There might always be that last hidden option there somewhere.

I often think back to when I was a nipper and used to spend a lot of time with my grandparents. I know it’s hard to relate their approach then at that time to the way I remember it now, but I always admired the way they soldiered on regardless of the circumstances. My Grandfather used to have a very philosophical approach too life’s trials. Very little appeared to rattle him. To me, at least, he had an air of calm and control that I recognised, learned from and admire to this day. I have worked with many colleagues who have impressed me so much with their resolve and self-belief that I really have to thank them for the way they have influenced my own attitudes.

Do kids these days approach life in the same way we used to? I remember my own father telling me the merits of being positive and believing in myself and my abilities. Our own kids have all done really well academically and seem to be very self-driven in such disciplines, but I sometimes wonder about their approach to some of the more practical day-to-day challenges that live throws at them. Does perseverance still rank highly in their thoughts I wonder?

Going back to Grandparents again, I smile about it now, but many years ago I held a certain resentment at the fact that at a very early stage in my life, my aforementioned Grandmother quite unintentionally and very lovingly gave me a gift for life when giving me a goodbye Granny Kiss. Something that I would remember her for and something I would keep for ever. I hasten to add that I’m not alone in having received this gift from someone near and dear to them. In fact many reliable sources indicate that over 90% of the population carry it with them, but this isn’t a true representation. Realistically, around 40% of the white Caucasian population of the world at some time or other suffer from a good old-fashioned cold-sore on their lip. Caused by the Herpes Simplex virus, it is a recurrent condition which, once contracted cannot be cured and which rears its ugly head whenever it gets the chance: usually when the immune system is compromised by another factor such as fatigue, illness, dehydration, too much sun.. amongst others. Take my word for it. For those who have never suffered their wrath they are totally unpleasant, at times very painful and cosmetically downright ugly!

For many years I battled with creams, antiseptics, after-shave lotions, old wives’ remedies until the advent of a cream containing a substance called Acyclovir, which at last started to have some real effect on the condition. If applied early enough it actually stops the sore from forming and clears the symptoms really quickly. It was my travelling companion of choice for many years and I am still full of praise for its effectiveness.

Earlier this year though, by pure chance, I was introduced to a product that claimed to be the latest development in the battle against the Cold Sore.The Herpotherm Looking rather like a lipstick, it’s called the Herpotherm, and works by simply heating up the area in order to stop the virus developing. There is a very good description of the way it works on their website. So I gave it a go…. and haven’t looked back since! It’s brilliant. Four or five seconds of application at the right moment really does nip things in the bud. Nothing happens! No sore, no suffering, no Mr Ugly. Just a great feeling knowing that it has been averted again. Over the last year I have been aware on several occasions that something was brewing. A hasty application of the Herpotherm made sure that it was just that! It has been successful on so many occasions that I can’t recommend it highly enough. It has been a complete revolution in the way I approach the condition and it has dramatically improved the way I live with the condition.

For those of you who perhaps still suffer in silence, give it a go. You’ll never be the same again!

Mr C.

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