A Unique Piece of Jewellery & A Fab Birthday Gift

old jewellery box

Boulder Opal PendantWhere to start when you’re looking for original birthday gifts? Google and a zillion sites pop up – the vast majority of which are anything but full of original, unique presents.

I had kind of come to the end of my tether when I happened upon Mi Jewellery. The site looks nothing special until you start clicking around and realise that it’s possible to buy an entirely original piece of hand-crafted jewellery for less than most of the high street chains charge for their bog-standard items.

It was my daughter’s Maddie’s 21st & I’d already bought a few bits & bobs like some champagne glasses and one of those ridiculously expensive Thomas Sabo Seahorse Necklacecharms to go on the bracelet she had for her 18th.  She loves all jewellery and her grandmother was going to give her one of her antique jewellery boxes – spot the theme here?! When I saw this Sea Horse Pendant , I just thought how nice it would be for her to have something none of her friends would be likely to have. It’s a nice quirky design as you can see in the pic and I’m fairly sure she’ll have lots of people asking her where she got it.

Monica, who runs Mi Jewellery, designs and creates one-off unique pieces of jewellery and all her contemporary designs are handmade using sterling silver, precious and semi precious gemstones. It says on her website that she also does commissions so if you want something really special as well as affordable and completely original, then you can stop looking now!

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