Afternoon Tea from Delimann

Delimann afternnon teaA little while ago, we were treated to a real surprise –  a courier basically turned up on our doorstep to deliver a gift of a Traditional Devonshire Afternoon Tea from Delimann!

Nope? I’d never heard of them either but now I know who they are, they’re going to be one of my go-to websites for ordering gifts which are a little bit different. To be honest I think I’ll probably order from them again just for us. After all, why should everyone else get all the treats?! Why not treat ourselves?

Delimann scones and jamAnyway back to our little basket of goodies …. The Devonshire Afternoon Tea from Delimann included 4 big home-made scones, a pot of delicious strawberry jam (with massive great strawberries in!), Farmhouse Clotted Cream, Teabags, traditional Tea Bread (like fruit cake but not so rich), ‘Tea Lover Biscuits’ and to top it all some organic clotted cream fudge …….. To be honest, my mouth’s watering just remembering that afternoon!

The Delimann website has lots of different options for various types of tea and culinary delights and believe me, it’s well worth a look. I love going out for Afternoon Tea, as you know but this has got to be the next best thing!

Mrs C
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