Age Defying Moisturisers?

Beyond Skincare Night CreamWe’re blinded by science in the beauty world constantly but (call me cynical by all means) I’m not entirely convinced by the moniker  ‘age defying moisturisers’!

Lately I’ve been trying out Ultra Radiance Age Defying Night Cream from Beyond SKINCARE. It’s organic and hand-made in very small batches so you know you’re getting a fresh product which is always good news.

It’s a really potent face cream which acording to the ‘blurb’ ‘works on the skin during its nightly repair phase, to promote the production of pro-collagen, encourage skin renewal, reduce wrinkles and decrease hyper-pigmentation’. Bold promises! It’s a rich cream with a wonderful rose scent and it can be used on its own, or layered over the Ultra Radiance Serum. I tend to find that layering moisturisers over a serum is way too heavy for me so I’ve just been using it on its own. I love the results so far but I suppose only time will tell if its having the desired anti-ageing effect. I can’t imagine somehow that my face will be as unlined as Joan Collins when I’m in my ’80s!

Age Defying Moisturisers – Really?

Marine Science Ultimate Youth LiftLaser Treatment Clinic have just launched a revolutionary skincare range and I’ve been trying out their MARINE Science ULTIMATE YOUTH LIFT too – a velvety cream for the delicate areas around the eyes which has been designed to soothe dark circles and puffiness. It’s a treatment which targets loss of tone and firmness and supposedly leaves the skin looking more ‘youthful, firm and radiant’. I really don’t like the way it dries on the skin and leaves a kind of film on the surface. It tightens as it dries and again that tightening feeling feels very strange and not at all pleasant. Now I’ve been putting this on every morning for a week now and not once has Mr. C looked at me and told me I was looking remarkably youthful or even radiant for that matter. But as I said above, only time will tell.

Sothys day CreamBefore Christmas I also started using  Sothys Energising Day Cream which sells for a whopping RRP of £64. It’s a lovely cream to apply and it sinks in quickly leaving my skin soft and not at all greasy. One of the ingredients which stands out immediately in the vast list is Siberian Ginseng which apparently ‘protects’ the skin.  The objective of the cream is to ‘reveal the skin’s youthfulness by restoring its luminosity and radiance’.

Again, I’ve not heard Mr. C say once that he’d been thinking I was looking years younger lately so am I to assume that I’m one of the 20% who haven’t noticed that their skin looks more radiant and youthful?

I know which product I prefer so far though and that’s the organic Beyond SKINCARE moisturiser which feels natural and feels like a dream on my face.

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