Airport Parking and Hotels at Heathrow

Our room at the Hilton Terminal 5Our recent break in Rome turned out to be one of the best city breaks we’ve ever had.  It probably all boiled down to everything going to plan from start to finish.

Due to our morning check-in at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 we decided to stay at a hotel close-by and take advantage of an inclusive hotel and parking deal at the same time.  Airport Parking and Hotels arranged an overnight stay at the brand spanking new Hilton Heathrow Terminal 5 together with up to 8 days parking at the hotel included – all for one fixed price.

Everything – absolutely everything – was a total pleasure.  The hotel is one of the best modern hotels we’ve ever stayed at and from the moment we drove into the car park until the time we popped the ticket in the machine to exit everything was faultless.  After a brief yet informative check-in we were completely blown away by the quality of the room, the atmosphere in the Mezzanine Bar and Restaurant and the welcoming and relaxing reception area.

APH LogoThere’s a door-to-door shuttle bus service which runs every 22 (? – yes, we wondered that too!) minutes, so the whole process involved little more than rolling our bags from room to reception to bus to check-in.  Effortlessly!

This really is the way to do it, and we would thoroughly recommend apportioning a decent chunk of your travel budget to the getting to and from the airport bit.  After all the holiday should start from the time you leave your front door, surely!  Doing it this way ensures that you are in full holiday mode before you even get to the airport. There’s nothing nicer than waking up in a lovely comfy hotel bed on the day of your flight knowing that your holiday has already started.

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