Aldi Carino Provive Hairspray

Aldi Carino Provive HairsprayMost of you have heard me rave about Aldi chocolate in previous blogs and so it will come as no surprise to you, to hear me shout from the rooftops, how brilliant Aldi Carino Provive Hairspray is!

I’ve just bought my second lot of it and I still can’t quite believe how good it is. It’s the only hairspray I’ve ever bought which is as good as the Elnett one. Thing is though it’s only 79p for a whopping great 400ml so is way, way cheaper. In fact I’ve got to be honest, I thought they’d mis-priced it when I first saw it in Aldi!

I buy the green can which is a Natural Hold and it’s also ‘flexible’ so doesn’t make your hair all stiff & tacky. I used to buy the Elnett hairspray in the white can but at £5.99 a shot it’s significantly more than the Aldi Carino Provive Hairspray. I might carry on buying the mini Elnett for nights away etc., as it’s a useful size but otherwise Aldi will have me as a hairspray-buying convert forever.

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