Those Pet Hates

It’s a while since I had a good rant about anything.  Anyone who really knows me will vouch for the fact that I’m generally quite a tolerant person, and it takes a lot to rattle my cage.  However, that doesn’t mean to say that certain things don’t stir up my grumble bugs from time to time.  There’s a sign on our living room door which

Eurostar vs Heathrow

Having just devoured half a dozen bi-valve molluscs in the form of 'Rock Oysters' and washed them down with two glasses of the very best, I feel almost on top of the world. Or at least fairly close to it, as the Kent countryside, whizzing past at almost 200mph seems to signify.There is something very special about the whole St Pancras / Eurostar experience. I'm

Like modern use of like English

I read with great interest this morning an article in the Telegraph Online by Charles Moore which discusses the education of today's children. It read along the lines of Children never having had to work so hard to learn so little, or words to that effect. Having observed the educational rite of passage of five teenage children over the last few years I

A Positive Approach to Cold Sores

Reading through a few of my recent posts, you must all think I'm a right old Victor Meldrew, who grizzles and groans about anything and everything. I suppose it's because it's always easy to criticise things in a negative way. It's really not the case because I'm actually quite proud of being very positive in my approach to life, work and people. When I talk to

Super Boosters

Retailing, merchandising and marketing fascinates me sometimes.  We've been loyal Tesco shoppers since just after we came out of nappies ourselves and have had many a reward as a result of our loyalties using their Clubcard Deals over time, but over the last few months we have dipped our toes into the world of 'alternative' shopping.  Absolutely eye-opening!  Amazing in fact!  With a bit of

Brrring Brrring

Life is a trial, or so they say.  Life without stress and adrenaline would be a dull place.  Stress in small doses keeps us healthier, more alert, and generally keeps our minds and bodies healthier.  There are lots of things that happen in day-to-day life that contribute towards this daily dose of adrenaline.  However I will now categorically state that there is very little that