BassBudsWhat do you think of these? asked Mrs C as she passed me a rather jazzy-looking black and red box. Hmmm… my colour, my style, it said on the box. What more could I want? But what were these ‘BassBuds’?

The box seemed too elaborate for them to be edible, so I put two and two together and used the word ‘bass’ to deduce that they were something to do with music or beer, and based on their size I concluded on the former.

They’re small, neat, are perfect for use with mobile phones, as they have a built-in cord microphone together with a nifty click-switch on the splitter. Now going back to the ‘my style’ bit. I’ve decided that Swarovski crystal inserts clash somewhat with my own head and probably aren’t my style at all, but hey, who am I to judge on style? They sound OK, with a very warm, rich, mellow sound and as their name suggests, a very deep and prominent bass sound. However, what they provided in bucketfuls for the bass line seemed somewhat lacking in the overall dynamics I am able to get from my superb Sony workhorse buds. A snare drum should sound like a snare drum, not a falling sack of spuds.

However, as a stylish gift for a young person, wanting high-performance in-ear headphones, BassBuds are brilliant! They’ll definitely like the look, they’ll probably like the sound too if current musical trends are anything to go by. And for only £34.95 for the ‘Platinum’ version I used, they’d be a treasured possession and the envy of their peers.

£5 Discount Code for Bass Buds : BB38486


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