Birthday Biscuits

Hearts BiscuitsCupcakes & macaroons are soooo last year!  Birthday Biscuits – that’s the way forward. It’s Maddie’s 21st this weekend and I was flicking through some recipe books looking for the most chocolatey, chocolate cake recipe I could find, when it struck me that I could make a load of fancy Chocolate Chip Cookies instead – way easier, a lot quicker & much more transportable for taking back to Uni with her!

Anyway there I was sitting at my computer and I absent-mindedly typed ‘birthday biscuits’ into Google and lo and behold, a whole new world of biscuits Cupcake Biscuitsopened up to me. I loved the biscuits offered up on the BiscuitVillage site and they seem to do biscuits for every occasion in the book.

Birthday Biscuits For Her are fun & fab! I looked there first for obvious reasons but I was well impressed with the tins of Thank You Biscuits, Anniversary Biscuits, Wedding Biscuits, Valentine’s etc. etc. …. you name the occasion and it turns out they do biscuits for it.

So if you’re wondering how you can surprise someone with something different, then is well worth a sneaky peak.


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