BooBoo Miracle Oil

BooBoo Miracle OilI’ve been using the BooBoo Super Stretchy Miracle Oil for a couple of weeks now and I think this could be my overall Must Have Beauty Product for 2011.

It’s said to help prevent stretchmarks forming but I’m well past that stage. I wanted to try it out because I liked the fact that it claims to be ‘perfect for dry, ageing and uneven skin tone’ and restores suppleness.

You’re meant to massage it all over your boobs, tummy, hips and bottom a couple of times a day but I tend to do it just the once, either when I get out of the shower in the morning or the bath in the evening. I like it so much I actually rub it all over including my legs and arms which have a tendency to feel quite dry in the Winter. It has a wonderful subtle smell (that’ll be the passion flower, sweet almond & argan oils!) and makes my skin feel all silky and smooth.

It feels like a really luxurious pampering product but without the ridiculous price tag. I can’t praise it enough. BooBoo Miracle Oil –  I love it!

Mrs C
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