Bravissimo – Great Swimwear and Bras

Anyone who’s got boobs bigger than a DD will know it’s really hard when want you to buy swimwear of any kind. You can’t just go to New Look and buy a bikini if you’re a 10 on the bottom and a 34FF on the top. Similarly even if you go to the likes of M&S and buy separates, there’s only a very limited selection available for anyone who needs an E or an F bikini top. And if you do buy those fittings, they don’t give you anywhere near enough support, as I found to my cost a few years ago in Greece.

Any shops which sells swimwear in the bog standard size 10, 12, 14, 16 etc is a definite no-no too.

Bravissimo however is a haven for us ladies with bigger boobs and I’ve got to say that since I discovered this fantastic shop, I don’t go anywhere else to buy my bras as nothing compares to Bravissimo.

As I said previously, I love the way that the wonderfully-trained fitters can work out just by looking at you, what size you are and they appear to get it spot-on every time.

I popped along to the local Cardiff Bravissimo the other day as I needed a new swimming cossie. Carrying a few extra pounds round my middle, I didn’t feel that I wanted to wear my gorgoeus Bravissimo bikini this year on holidays so I wanted to try on a few swimsuits and tankinis.

Sarah, my fitter, asked if I minded her staying in whilst I tried on the various ones she brought to me in my size so that she could see if they fitted me properly. I didn’t mind, obviously, as I was keen for an expert eye to be honest and tell me which one looked best and fitted me best. That’s the whole idea of going there really.Can you imagine blokes though doing the same thing? Having a fitter come in the changing room with them, expertly assess their length and girth and tell them they’ve been wearing the wrong size pants all their life and they’re not a 6L but a 5S?

I knew I was a 34F from the last time I went to Bravissimo but this time I felt, and so did Sarah, Bravissimo Tankinithat I possibly needed the DoubleF. I tried on a variety of different all-in-ones and separates and to be honest i could have easily bought at least 4 of them. Now it’s got to be said that in my pre-Bravissimo life, I used to walk around shop after shop after shop feeling lucky if I found one that fitted me! Now if Sarah hadn’t been there I might have gone for the bigger size but once she saw the tankini I eventually chose in the 34F, we both agreed that that was the one as it fitted me like a glove!

As I went out of their lovely changing rooms and walked up the stairs to go and pay, I walked past a veritable gallery of photos of all the fitters who work in the shop. Each pic has the lady’s name on and her bra size and it’s a real eye-opener seeing all the different sizes from 28J to 38K and plenty more inbetween!

So yes, we’re all different shapes and sizes and it’s a shame that more retailers don’t acknowledge the fact that not everyone is an A, B or C cup.

Well done Bravissimo!

Mrs. C

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