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Executive LodgeHas anyone ever been to the new Center Parcs Elveden Forest Spa Suites  because I’m thinking of booking a Spa Break in one this Spring?

We’ve been to CenterParcs many a time with the whole family but last year Mr. C and I went to the Longleat CenterParcs  just for a ‘Spa Weekend’ – a Center Parcs Spa Break with a few extras thrown in basically.   It was absolutely brilliant and wonderfully relaxing. We stayed in a New Style Executive Lodge and as always the accommodation was spot-on. Contemporary, immaculate and with everything we could possibly need for a weekend break plus a whole lot more. (Having said that it could have been a Woodland Lodge – I know we’ve stayed in both at Longleat on various occasions and I have a memory like a sieve!)

Aqua Meditation RoomThe Aqua Sana in the Longleat Parc is one of my favourites as it happens although on this occasion we enjoyed the Spa much more from lunchtime till around 5 as it seemed that the post 5pmers were significantly noisier and not so clued-up on Spa-Etiquette. Having a laugh is fine, you’re meant to be relaxing after all – but when 10 hen-nighters guffaw hysterically just as you’re about to nod off in one of the cosy meditation rooms, it’s a right shock to the system! I jumped out of my flipping skin!!

I love going for a facial in the Aqua Sanas and always treat myself whenever we go. Last time I had a Decleor Collagen Plump and Lift  and boy was it relaxing – so much so that I fell asleep. I’m fairly sure I snored too as I vaguely woke myself up with one of those embarassing snorty episodes! Decleor products feel so good on the skin and I loved the way my face felt after my facial. No, all the fine lines and wrinkles on my face didn’t disappear but then I would never have expected them to. However my skin looked clear and healthy (radiant I suppose the ads would say!), it felt smooth, soft and silky and more importantly I/my face looked relaxed. An hour or so of pampering from a well-trained and capable therapist does wonders for dispelling tension and de-stresses me every time!

Zen GardenWhever we go to CenterParcs it’s always all about chilling. I know some of my friends go and spend the whole weekend/week swimming, cycling, madly running around to activity after activity. Well that’s not my cup of tea but whatever floats your boat hey! That’s the beauty of a place like CenterParcs – you can do as much or as little as you want. It may well be a well-worn cliche but in this case it’s so true – There really is something for everyone in CenterParcs

I’m thinking that booking one of the all-in Luxury Spa Suite Breaks at Elveden might actually work out not much more than the price we paid last time what with all the extras like bike-hire, facials, Aqua Sana etc.

Spa Suite BathroomThe Elveden Forest Luxury Spa Suite Break Price includes all the below so it’s a good deal if you fancy a real pamper weekend and with Valentine’s Day coming up, I can’t think of a better opportunity to have a bit of serious Couple-Time!

  • Overnight accommodation in one of our Luxury Spa Suites
  • Entry into the ‘World of Spa’ on arrival and departure days between 9am-9pm
  • Entry to ‘World of Spa’ direct from your Spa Suite
  • Luxury 55 minute Signature Treatment for both guests
  • Drinks on arrival (mine’s a champagne please?)
  • Lunch served in Zilli Café on day 1 or 2
  • Breakfast in Zilli Café, Foresters’ Inn, Lakeview Restaurant or continental breakfast in your Suite.
  • A £20 evening meal voucher per person
  • Complimentary bikes
  • Complimentary robes and towels

Bring it on!

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