Christmas Telly

Fast FreddieHave seen some really good stuff over the past few days…

‘Fast Freddie, The Widow and Me’ – Laurence Fox was a revelation for me in this! Yes it was a tad predictable but it was a real feel-good drama and I loved it. I may have cried but I laughed lots too. Am so glad I didn’t watch Great Expectations on the other side.

Lapland – loved this comedy drama! Sue Johnston was brilliant as usual. Seemed to me that half the cast of Waterloo Road was in it but it was a very watchable & funny drama. Try and catch it next Christmas if you missed it. It’s bound to be repeated!

Peter Kay’s new dvd was another thing we watched a couple of days ago. We laughed non-stop all the way through. Must try to go to see him next time he tours!

Michael McIntyre as brilliant as ever on Christmas Day.

Watched Unknown on dvd yesterday. Liam Neeson films are generally good and this was no exception. A bit of a twist towards the end which I wasn’t expecting.

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