Clever Skincare -TEN- Skincare Range

-TEN- skincareA little while back I started using the -TEN- Skincare Range from Clever Skincare.

Now I’m going to be completely honest with you and say it didn’t go off to a good start as I had a bit of a reaction to the eye cream from the range. I persevered and carried on with the moisturisers though and after a week or so I tried the -TEN- Revive Eye Contour Range again but the same thing happened.

Nonetheless I’ve been using the -TEN- products below for over a month now and love them to bits!

-TEN-Luminescence Skin Exfoliation Cream

-TEN- Instant Lifting Face Cream

-TEN- Anti Age Complete Regenerating Care

-Ten- anti ageing creamI particularly love both the moisturisers as they sink in beautifully and smell divine. I’m not entirely sure that any of the products make me look any younger or less lined but my skin looks and feels lovely.

Clever Skincare

The Luminescence Cream is such a mild exfoliant that you wouldn’t even know it was exfoliating if you hadn’t read the blurb. There’s none of that gritty feeling to the cream and it doesn’t leave your face looking as if you’ve been in too close contact with a cheese-grater (which happened to me with one well-known apricot scrub!)

Ten Anti Ageing MoisturiserThere’s loads of information about the -TEN- Skincare Range here at . They say it all so much better than me!

Suffice to say I will be buying this range again but maybe not the eye cream!

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