Competition to Win a Year’s Supply of Bar Keepers Friend

Bar Keepers FriendWhat is Bar Keepers Friend?

BKF apparently owes its existence to rhubarb!  Way back in 1882 a chemist from Indianapolis noticed how clean and shiny his tarnished pot was after cooking rhubarb.   Using an active ingredient that’s found in rhubarb he made a cleaner and sold it to the city’s taverns.   It worked so well that it was called ‘Bar Keepers Friend’!  The blurb here says: “BKF benefits from the unique cleaning power of Oxalic Acid (found in rhubarb, parsley and chives) and when combined with its unique mineral base and surfactant  blend, delivers a unique cleaning performance.” So there…….

Anyway, I’ve had a go at using the various Bar Keepers Friend products and am well impressed. I used the Bar Keepers Friend Power Cream on my shower tray this Bar Keepers Friendmorning and I got it all sparkling white and shiny in a remarkably short time. The Bar Keepers Friend Power Spray was put to good use cleaning my stainless steel hob and white sink and drainer – both brilliant! You can use the spray on glass too so I tried it out on my oven doors. Nice and clean but a bit streaky. However I think that was down to me taking too long to dry it off.

To Win 1 Year’s Supply of Bar Keepers Friend

You need to

Bar Keepers FriendThe competition closes on June 7th and the Winner’s name will be Tweeted and posted on My Twitter Winners’ List .

The prize is 1 year’s supply of Bar Keepers Friend – 4 x BKF Powder, 4 x new BKF Power Cream and 4 x new BKF Power Spray, ie. one bottle per month (as per photo, please note hamper is not included in the prize).

(BKF is available in Robert Dyas, Lakeland, John Lewis, Waitrose, independent homeware/hardware stores or online at It is distributed in the UK by Kilrock Products Ltd)


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