Comvita Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream

Comvita Nourishing Hand CreamHand Cream is a difficult one to get right isn’t it? So many of them are too heavy, too sticky or too thick. A few years ago Santa put some Handy Gurugu from Lush in my Christmas Stocking. Boy does that take a long time to rub in and it stinks too – a kind of herbal ‘old-lady’ soap kind of smell. Some ladies out there in Cyberspace call it a ‘fresh, clean smell’ and if Toilet Duck is your idea of clean, I suppose I could agree with them.

I’ve been using the Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream by Comvita® this past week or so and I’ve got to say it’s not bad at all. You sort of get that honey scent like with all the other Comvita Moisturisers  I’ve tried . That’ll be something to do with the HUNI®XA Manuka Honey it contains. Now it’s claimed that this magic ingredient helps slow down the signs of ageing so hopefully the backs of my hands won’t end up looking like Madonna’s ‘papped’ hands in the Maily Dail. The Comvita hand cream sinks in nicely and you don’t have to rub and rub forever and a day. This is a real decider for me as there’s nothing more annoying than putting hand cream on, in the middle of the day, sitting at your desk, only to find you can’t actually touch your keyboard for another 15 minutes as your hands are so sticky. Actually come to think of it, there are way more annoying things and that flipping, fat, opera-singing bloke from one of those endless stream of comparison websites, comes to mind….arghhh! Anyway, I digress, as ever…

My hands feel soft and moisturised after using the Comvita Hand Cream so yes it works there. I have quite brittle nails so perhaps a month of using it will tell me whether it lives up to its other claim to ‘nourish and condition’ my nails.

My favourite hand cream is still The Akin Lavender, Geranium & Jojoba Hand, Nail & Cuticle Cream  . It sinks in quickly but not before doing its job. After using the Akin hand cream, my hands stay soft for ages and as an added bonus they smell nice too. What more can you ask of a hand creams really?

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