Docteur Renaud Iris Lift Pore-Reducing Gel-Cream

 Docteur Renaud Iris Lift Pore-Reducing Gel-CreamThe last week or so, I’ve been using Docteur Renaud Iris Lift Pore-Reducing Gel-Cream instead of my usual moisturiser and so far so good…….
One of the things that happens to our skin as we get older (wrinkles, fine lines and loss of firmness apart!) is that our pores become more visible. I can genuinely say that until a couple of years ago, I’d never thought too much about my pores. They’ve never been particularly visible and I’ve never really suffered from blocked pores. Then another ‘big birthday’ passed and woah….where did all those pores come from?! Now of course part of the problem is possibly the fact that my skin tone is less even nowadays and of course the light bounces differently off older skin. This means that imperfections show up even more than on peachy young skin.

Anyway, I was sent this anti-ageing gel-cream by Doctuer Renaud and thought it was worth trying it out to see if it actually did what it said ‘on the box’. It’s absorbed quite quickly which is a definite plus as I hate having to wait ages for my moisturiser to sink in before I put my make-up on in the mornings. Every minute Docteur Renaud logomore it takes to get ready in the morning is another minute less in bed after all!
Some reviewers have said that it leaves their sking feeling velvety but I can’t say I’ve noticed that at all.  It also claims to have a ‘radiance-boosting’ effect but Mr. C hasn’t noticed. At least he hasn’t said ‘Hey you’re looking remarkably radiant today’ recently so I don’t feel I can comment on the radiance-boosting properties.

The crunch question is ‘Would I buy it again’ and the answer to that would be ‘Yes, probably’. Not an unresounding success but definitely worth trying if visible pores are your ‘thing’.

The Thumbs Up to Docteur Renaud Iris Lift Pore-Reducing Gel Cream.

PS. The ingredient which helps tighten the dilated pores and reduce imperfections is ‘pistachio tree resin’. Who’d have thought hey…..?

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