Docteur Renaud Peach Sublime Body Dry Oil

Docteur Renaud Peach Sublime Body Dry OilI’ve been using Docteur Renaud Peach Sublime Body Dry Oil over the weekend and I’m not entirely sure what to think.

It smells nice and peachy as it says on the bottle and it does hydrate my skin well. However it’s meant to be ‘dry oil’ (a product description which I have never quite got to be honest) so is supposed to be light and non-oily on the skin. The trouble is I find it way oilier than other so-called dry oils so it’s not really much good to use after a shower in the morning as you have to put your clothes on while your skin’s feeling tacky to the touch! Also the peach fragrance is a bit overpowering for daytime use unless you want to use it instead of a perfume.

After a bath in the night however, the Docteur Renaud Body Oil  comes into its own. If you have the time to spray it all over your baby and rub it in properly before putting a dressing gown or something on then it’s brilliant. It’s lovely and moisturising, nakes my skin feel silky and satiny smooth and gets full marks! I think too that I’ll probably be using it a lot when I’m on holiday in Sri Lanka as I’ve got a feeling it’ll be good for really dry skin after a day in the sun.

All in all then, I’m a big fan of the dry oil for night-time moisturising but won’t be using it again in the daytime!

Stockist Information: Docteur Renaud Peach Sublime Body Dry Oil is available from select salons and pharmacies and online from

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