EcoForceI’m not really a Monica or even an Aggie or a Kim but I do like my house to be cleanish & definitely tidy.

Wherever possible I try to ‘do the green thing’ and am always on the look-out for greener options when it comes to buying cleaning products and the other paraphernalia associated with keeping a clean house.

It’s so much easier to find ‘green’ products today than it was say even a few years ago and I always like to try out new ones when I come across them even if they are a tad more expensive than their environment-unfriendly peers. Shopping ethically is all the more sweeter when it doesn’t cost you any more than going the unethical route.

EcoForce have a range of really effective and very practical household products made from recycled materials (always a winner with me!), that are greener, more sustainable and more eco-friendly than say the alternatives on the shop shelves.

Their eco-friendly range includes stuff like recycled sponges, scourers, ‘green’ cloths and dusters, recycled pegs,  peg-basket and clothes line & even recycled food baDishmaticg grips for storing leftovers.    EcoForce have won all sorts of awards and judging by the bits & bobs I have, they certainly don’t compromise on price or quality. I’ve found that usually one of the two has to give. And, all EcoForce products are made from at least 90% recycled  waste here in the UK, which has got to be a good thing in itself!

We all need to clean (some of us more than others granted) so why not do it the green way and use recycled, ethical products that don’t harm the environment?

Look out for my EcoForce Giveaway coming soon……


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