EDEN Natural Nail Polish Remover

EDEN Natural Nail Polish RemoverI never ever thought the day would come when I would say I actually liked the smell of a nail polish remover but FreshTherapies.com have come up with a natural formula that smells positively lovely!

EDEN Natural Nail Polish Remover hasn’t got any of those horribly, artificial acetones which stink to high heaven but has a really fresh, lime scent. Even better news,  instead of drying out your nails it actually moisturises the nail and surrounding cuticles. So by using it you can kill two birds with one stone.

One thing I did find though was that it takes a bit more rubbing than usual to get the nail polish off.  But by pressing a bit of cotton wool soaked in the EDEN Natural nail polish remover onto the nails for say 10 seconds longer than usual, it works fine.

A small price to pay really, all things considered.

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