Freecom Databar XXS – Mega in Miniature

How technology moves on!  The recent advent of the microSD cards made me wonder at how miniaturisation of data storage has taken hold.  However, with such miniaturisation came the fact that they areThe Freecom Databar XXS both fragile and VERY easy to mislay and need additional adaptors to use them in your PC or laptop.

Then along comes the new Freecom Databar XXS series, again with tiny proportions, but as tough as old boots and capable of simply being plugged into any USB socket.  This little 8GB storage device has now become a part of my keyring and goes with me everywhere.  It has survived getting wet, being dropped onto a concrete pavement, being constantly bashed by its key siblings and a host of other things an old floppy disk would never have dreamed of surviving.

It is the next generation in portable data storage and will surely set the standard for portability of data. With capacities of up to 32 GB the keyring’s the limit!

For further information, or to buy one, check out Amazon

Mr C.

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