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Garnier BB CreamI had a free sample of the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector aka the Garnier All-In-One BB Cream from a magazine a while back and liked it so much I went out about a week ago and bought a full-size product.

It was on offer so I only paid £7.99 for 50mls and I’ve got to say it packs a fair punch for such a small outlay.

On the pack Garnier say that their BB Cream evens tone & boosts glow, smoothes fine lines & blurs imperfections. Perfect for me! As a bonus it also provides 24hr hydration and SPF15 UV protection!

Personally I love it because it really does even out my skintone and it has such a natural look. It’s kind of a bit better than a tinted moisturiser but nowhere near as heavy as a full-on foundation. It blends really easily and you can either wear it sheer (as I do) or build it up a bit if you want more coverage. I like the smell of it but I’ve seen on a couple of blogs that some people aren’t too keen on it.

It only comes in 3 shades which I think is a tad limited really but the Medium is perfect for my golden skin colour  (freckly in the Summer!) The dewy finish suits me right down to the ground but it might be a problem if you have a tendency to ‘shine’ and/or have oilier skin.

All-in-all, I love the Garnier BB Cream to bits and will definitely buy it again!

Mrs C
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  1. hey, i read alot of bad reviews on yotuube but saw yours and thought id give it a go and i’m really happy i did! i have very pale skin but the lighest colour was perfect for me because the coverage is sheer, yet does seem to cover at the same time, and my skin isn;t perfect either, still? get some spots and have some acne scaring. It gives a nice glow and is great as a day make-up if you don’t like to wear heavy stuff during the day. thanks for the review was helpfull xxx

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