Some Mothers Day Gift Ideas


My first dilemma when coming up with Mothers Day gift ideas was whether or not to include an apostrophe!My instinct was to go for Mothers' Day - it being a day for all mothers. Apparently though, Anna Jarvis, the campaigner who originally came up with the whole idea wanted it to be Mother's Day, as it's a day for each family to celebrate their own mother and not

Love Candles, Love Aroma

Fairy Dust

I’ve had a few birthdays to buy for this past month and so I was over-the-moon to find the Love Aroma website. Now it might be just me but I don’t think you can go far wrong buying almost any woman a gift of a candle. (However, if anyone out there reading this wants to buy for me, then avoid anything with jasmine ideally as

The Herdy Company

Herdy Mugs

One of my many daughters happened to have a birthday a couple of weeks ago and as she'd mentioned she needed some new mugs recently, I did a bit of shopping around looking for something a bit different - and came across The Herdy Company! The Herdy Company The Herdy Company started in The Lake District and their products and ideas have been very much inspired by

What have Skye Candles and Desperate Housewives got in common?

Skye Candles

April's nearly gone and I've barely blogged all month - time to catch up then, albeit in brief! One of the things I forgot to mention back in March was the very lovely and special Mother's Day I had. My daughters spolied me with flowers, M&S vouchers, organic soap, the first season of Desperate Housewives and a rose-scented Skye candle.They've been trying to get me

Milestone Birthdays

Why do people have birthdays in the run-up to Christmas? It's so inconsiderate of them!Everytime I try and put a bit of money to one side to save for Christmas, you can guarantee a birthday will pop up. Obviously sometimes I can anticipate a birthday - particularly when it's the birthday of one of my own various offspring. But then there are the randomers'

My Favourite Products at the Moment

I had so many lovely gifts at Christmas that it's been a difficult task choosing my favourite products at the moment! I loved the new charms for my pearl Thomas Sabo bracelet which I had from my gorgeous daughters. And the various chocolates bought for me were seriously more than my hips could cope with but hey what's a girl to do at Christmas. Eating