It’s a Love/Hate Thing!

So what would I give The Thumbs Up to this week and what's a No-No? The Thumbs up to:Naturally - Whipped Hand Repair Balm - smells scrummy and makes hands unbelievably soft.Apicare Restore Me Honey Nut Body Butter -  a real luxurious body moisturiser.St Eval Candle Company - the rose-scented candles are my personal where you can buy contact lenses at a fraction of the

Kidney Stones – What a Pain!

It's funny how experience helps understanding. The last few weeks have taught me a couple of things: mainly that I'm definitely not getting any younger and that I can now relate with total sympathy to those who are teased for over-egging the pudding when it comes to describing the problem of passing a kidney stone.In the run up to Christmas it's always nice to look

The Power of The Pomegranate

Who'd have thought that the humble, weird-looking pomegranate would one day be one of the most sought after ingredients in ladies skincare products? The fun we had, us children of the '70s, picking up those ruby pearls of strangely tasteless fruit with a dangerously sharp needle! How could we have predicted such a reversal of fortune for this most insignificant of fruits?Last year I became

Weleda Wow

Sometime around November last year, the skin around my eyes started getting very sore and red. My eyelids were red and shiny, sometimes the skin was weeping. Below my eyes, the skin was flaky and red. I would spend days on end without any make-up or creams and then the minute I went back to my normal regime, my eyes would start reacting again. I

A Positive Approach to Cold Sores

Reading through a few of my recent posts, you must all think I'm a right old Victor Meldrew, who grizzles and groans about anything and everything. I suppose it's because it's always easy to criticise things in a negative way. It's really not the case because I'm actually quite proud of being very positive in my approach to life, work and people. When I talk to