It’s a Love/Hate Thing!

So what would I give The Thumbs Up to this week and what’s a No-No?

The Thumbs up to:Naturally Whipped Hand Repair Balm

Naturally – Whipped Hand Repair Balm
– smells scrummy and makes hands unbelievably soft.

Apicare Restore Me Honey Nut Body Butter –  a real luxurious body moisturiser.

St Eval Candle Company – the rose-scented candles are my personal favourites.
where you can buy contact lenses at a fraction of the prices High Street Opticians charge.

Rebel Rock n Rollers
– fantastically easy way to curl your hair.

Baylis and Harding Coconut & Lime Hand Lotion
– smells edible and the pump dispenser looks gorgeousThe Slap

The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas – a rivetting read about life in today’s Australia.

Jane Iredale Skincare Range – Wow!

Silent Witness on BBC1

Mindflex by Mattel – quite literally a mind-blowing game

Weightwatchers Meetings

Anything from Hotel Chocolat.

The Thumbs Down to:

The Glamoriser
– can either curl or straighten your hair. In theory it sounds great but unfortunately it burnt my finger, my daughter’s thumb and another daughter’s arm!

Facebook – need I say more?

Migraines – Ow!

Katie Price, her overpublicised life and so-called ‘marriage’. She wants to make sure apparently that hubbie Alex isn’t entitled to a share of her millions. Well HELLO Katie, have you forgotten that most of the free publicity you’ve generated this past year has been on the back of this marriage of yours? In other words,  without Alex you wouldn’t have had so many headlines,  so you wouldn’t have been so bankable and hence your earning potential would have been significantly lower. Fight for your rights Alex!

The Jury’s Out on:HTC Wildfire

HTC Wildfire
– smaller screen than the HTC Desire but nowhere near as stylish as the iPhone. Much more difficult to text on than the iPhone too and frankly I can’t wait for my contract to expire. Only another 25 years I believe…..

WeightWatchers Online – frankly it’s a right pain! Tracking everything you eat in a day is so much  easier to do on paper than online. Plus, aren’t the powers-that-be always telling us that we spend too much time in front of computers and that we need to be moving around more? Will give it a few months and report back…..

Mrs. C

January 2011

Mrs C
In a nutshell, I'm a Mum to three gorgeous daughters and two step-sons who are gradually making their own lives and leaving Mr. C and I plenty of time to enjoy life just as a couple again. I'm a big fan of Afternoon Tea & Corrie and hate, with a vengeance, violence in films! I love reading 'proper' books though I concede that my birthday Kindle was brilliant on holidays.

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