Japan Aid is Lush

If you want to help a good cause and smell good too, then buy one of Lush’s LIMITED EDITION Japan Aid soaps and all the proceeds will go to the relief effort in Japan. The soap is a fiver, which isn’t far off what you’d spend in a visit to Starbucks and spending it will make you feel very virtuous!

The powers-that-be at Lush were as horrified as the rest of us by the pictures Japan Soap Lushof devastation from Japan. Lush has 145 shops in Japan and a factory too with 1,600 staff.  Some of these staff and their families have quite literally lost everything they have.

Lush are working with a charity called Peace Boat who is organising teams of volunteers, transporting aid goods and cooking hot meals in the disaster zone.  All the money raised in the UK from the sales of their Japan Aid soap will go directly to Peace Boat, so that they can help even more people. Lush are hoping that once the initial relief aid of food etc is no longer needed, some of the funds from the Japan Aid soap will be able to go towards the rebuilding of the affected communities.

The soap is shaped like the Japanese flag and smells like the coconut fragrance of the popular ‘I Should Coco’ – my personal favourite of all the Lush soaps!

Japan Aid soap is available in all Lush shops on the high street and online.

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