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Joseph Joseph Elevate Knives

Joseph Joseph KnivesHow lovely are Joseph Joseph kitchen accessories!

I’m not the kind of person who would generally ‘rave’ about kitcheny stuff but I think I can make an exception for Joseph Joseph. Last week on an incredibly long drive up to Aberdeen to Cardiff we went into Westmorland Services (which has got to be the Best Motorway Services in the Uk and deserves a blog all of its own really.) Anyway I digress….Tebay/Westmorland Services happens to have an absolutely brilliant Gift Shop. I swear there were actually people there who had come out of their way to go Christmas Shopping – yup you read that correctly. Not only that but people were there doing their weekly fruit/veg/meat shop from the Farm Store there!

Joseph Joseph were one of the high-end brands represented in the shop and I spent ages looking at and salivating over the stunning selection of worktop savers amongst other things. Is that ‘sad’?   Joseph Joseph manage to make kitchen utensils look desirable and trendy and let’s be fair it’s not often you see the words desirable and spatula in the same sentence.

I loved the look of the Joseph Joseph Elevate range. How ingenious and why didn’t anyone else think of this before?! A kitchen tool which doesn’t land dirty-side down and muck up your work-top every time you stir the casserole or turn your sausages. They even have knives in the range and they come in a really neat and compact carousel – a trendy, nifty-looking set to say the least.

Joseph Joseph Elevate KnivesI had a look at the Joseph Joseph website when I got back home and saw that the Elevate range of kitchen knives/tools/utensils were all designed to ‘improve hygiene and minimise mess in the kitchen’. So the knives etc all have innovative, weighed handles with an integrated tool rest ensuring that when the Elevate knife is put down, its blade is always raised off the work surface. Brilliant!

The knives also have non-stick, silicone-coated stainless steel blades and they have really ‘comfy’, ergonomic handles. The rotating carousel has been cleverely designed so that any of the Elevate knives fit in any slot. No more faffing around in the kitchen trying to find out which hole the bread knife fits in!

Even if you never use another knife again, buy this Joseph Joseph Elevate Knives Carousel just to look at! It’s a work of art in itself!

It’s worth noting that you can’t buy knives in the UK inless you’re over 18 so if you’re a teenager thinking an Elevate knife would be perfect for your Wannabe Jamie Oliver Dad, then get your Mum to buy it for you!

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