la-tweez Tweezers

la-tweezAm loving the la-tweez Tweezers!

Not only are the la-tweez Pro Illuminating Tweezers very natty & nifty but they are also very effective tweezers too. Defined brows are really in right now so decent tweezers are a real must-have for us all. I’ve tried loads of diferent tweezers over the years and aside from one unbranded, cheap tweezers I bought years ago, most of them have been binned after a few months! Being fair-haired I’m not big into eyebrows and suffer more from not having enough than having to pluck out constantly. Nonetheless I still need to tweak and whatever now and again to maintain the shape.

la-tweez Pro Illuminating Tweezers

la-tweez pro illuminating tweezers

The la-tweez tweezers have got a bright LED light & a built-in magnifying mirror too so there’s no excuse for missing those little, downy, blonde and nearly-invisible brow hairs anymore.

la-tweez Tweezers

la-tweez would make a great gift too as they come in a really cute, girly handbag-like pack! And surely the fact that they are made with Swaarovski Elements must make them a no-brainer?! 🙂

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