LCN Divine Dragon Fruit 3 in 1 Express Care & Other Favourites

Korres Eye CreamThe Korres Black Pine AntiWrinkle & Firming Eye Cream is one one of my perennial favourites. It’s creamy and makes the skin around my eyes feel lovely and soft. Who knows if it’s making me less wrinklier in the eye area! I, for one, am not about to stop using any of my precious eye creams, to see how old and wizened I’d look without them! Perhaps I should though, come to think of it…….


LCN are a company that didn’t really figure on my radar until relatively recently.. Last year I wrote about their Nail Therapy Polish and I’ve just finished up a bottle of their new product for tired nails which need a bit of help! It’s called Unique and is a base coat, top coat and nail food all in one, believe it or not! It contains wheat germ oil to feed the nails and gives a fab shiny finish when used as a top coat. I sometimes just wear it on it’s own and am happy knowing my nails are shiny and healthy!

I’ve been using another new LCN product the past few weeks called LCN Divine LCN Divine Dragon Fruit 3 in 1 Express CareDragon Fruit 3 in 1 Express Care. It’s a cleanser, nourisher, exfoliater and moisturiser all-in-one. A massive claim but hey it seems to do what it says on the tube. I really love this but don’t use it every day as my skin doesn’t need it that often. I suppose if your skin was really dry then it would be fine to use daily. “The 3 in 1 contains rosehip kernel oil, beeswax and fine salt to nourish stressed skin and leave it feeling silky smooth.” according to the blurb but it’s left out the fact that it smells gorgeous. To be honest I don’t need to wear perfume after I’ve used it as it smells so scrummy.

Well done LCN.

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