Living Nature Nourishing Day Cream

Like all the moisturisers I’ve bought from the MyPure website, Living Nature Nourishing Day Cream is completely free of all the usual nasties you find in most of them. I wouldn’t say this one was particularly special but it’s certainly a good everyday moisturiser.   It’s a tad creamier than I like for daytime but it nevertheless sinks in quite quickly and within 5 minutes or so, it’s safe to put make-up on. There’s nothing worse than having to wait for ages before you can apply your make-up for fear it’ll slide straight back off.

Personally I’m not all that enamoured with the scent but it doesn’t linger so it’s not so bad.  Also, I don’t know whether it’s me being cack-handed or not,  but I find it quite difficult to open. The first time I used it, I actually ended up unscrewing the top as I just couldn’t figure out how else to get the stuff out. Like I said it’s probably just me….

Mrs. C

May 2011

Mrs C
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