Living Nature Nourishing Hand Cream

Living Nature Nourishing Hand CreamOn the hunt for easily absorbed hand cream on Google, I happened upon Living Nature Nourishing Hand Cream.

So many of the hand creams I’ve tried recently have made my hands sticky for ages after applying and quite simply don’t really do the job. This Living Nature Hand Cream  is lovely though. If I feel my hands are a bit dry, I can rub some in even when I’m on the computer, and I can feel confident that it will sink in and not leave me unable to touch the keyboard for ages.  It comes in a really handy 50ml pack which fits easily into most handbags and it genuinely does make my hands feel silkily smooth!

The Active Manuka Honey, it contains, combines with Larch Tree extract to help repair rough hands and give extra protection from moisture loss. It smells pleasant too and although not cheap, cheap at £12.49 a pop, a little goes a long way. I seriously recommend it!

Less keen on the Living Nature Purifying Hand Wash though (not sure about the scent!) but hey, you win some, lose some….

You can read a bit about Living Nature here and find out why they think nature often has the right answers to our beauty problems.

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