Living Nature Vitalising Exfoliant

Living Nature Vitalising ExfoliantI’m not a massive fan of facial exfoliators as so many I’ve tried over the past few years have made my face either very red, very sore or even worse a combination of both. So I didn’t really have particularly high hopes of Living Nature’s Vitalising Exfoliant

I needn’t have worried though as I’ve now used it several times and so far, so good. It’s a completly natural product with Manuka Honey in it and fruit acids too to lift and remove all the old skin cells which dull your complexion.

All you have to do is cleanse as usual and then apply a thin layer on your face and neck making sure you avoid the eye and lip areas. It’s the leaving it on for 15-20 minutes bit that I like as I kind of treat it like a pamper session and just lie down and relax with my eyes closed on the bed, before rinsing it off with tepid water. The ‘blurb’ said it might make my skin tingle a bit but it didn’t particularly. The tingling is caused by the fruit acids detoxifing and lifting away the impurities in your skin so even if it does tingle, it’s a ‘good tingle’!

Once you’ve washed it off, you just moisturise as normal. Living Nature Vitalising Exfoliant is a product I will use again and again and I have already recommended it to a few people I know who have problems finding good, reliable natural skincare products to suit them.

Kim Jones, Beauty Editor likes it too!

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