I Love MAKE Skincare

Make skincareI love MAKE Skincare for so many reasons right now that this could get really corny.

You’ll get where my over-abundant enthusiasm is coming from, if you take just one look at their site – MAKE Skincare. Just scroll up and down that page of products and tell me that’s not the prettiest page of skincare products you’ve ever seen! Those jewel coloured pots are so striking. I took one look at the page and it was a case of ‘I want that one….oh and that one ….. and that one…..’. Get the picture?

I ordered a couple of things and they arrived incredibly quickly. Not surprisingly I suppose for a company who has such a lovely site, the packaging was gorgeous. A sturdy, luxurious-looking black, flip-lid box with my two pots of scrumminess nestled inside. If I’d bought my products as a gift, I’d have been dead chuffed, I really would.

MAKE Skincare

I have the MAKE Face Smooth and also the MAKE Hands Soft. One of the principal ingredients in the face moisturiser is Linden Make Face SmoothBlossom which I’ve found particularly good in the past in another face product.  It kind of smells like honey (but not in a cloying overpowering way) and apparently is good for reducing puffiness. Amongst the MAKE Face Smooth  other active ingredients are vitamins A, C and E and apricot, kiwi seed and macadamia oil and aloe vera. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which has a plumping effect on the skin.

You only need a small amount as I find it’s quite rich but having said that, it does sink in quite quickly so doesn’t delay you in the morning when you’re trying to get ready quickly and can’t wait for ages for your moisturiser to sink in before putting your make-up MAKE Hands Softon.

My MAKE Hands Soft pot has pride of place in my living-room as it’s way too pretty to hide away

The ingredients include ylang ylang, vanilla and black pepper (??!) with jojoba, avocado and vitamin E thrown in for good measure. This cream doesn’t stay sticky forever and a day either and it really feel nourishing. It has much more of a neutral scent than the face moisturiser – not unpleasant but kind of neutral I suppose.

Would I buy the 2 products again? A resounding YES!


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