Mama Mio Try Me Trio

Mama Mio Try Me TrioThe Mama Mio Try Me Trio ¬†promises to ‘cleanse, moisturise and protect in 3 easy steps’ (plus one hilarious optional extra step)! Basically you get the 3 skin-care products in the box but you also get a book of Face Fitness exercises called The Try Me Trio Little Book of Confidence. The exercises give you plenty of great opportunities to pull the daftest faces imaginable but in doing so, the 3 x 30 second exercises should get your face muscles as fit as your glowing skin.

I love the fact that you can buy the Mama Mio products in smaller than usual sizes so should the products not suit you then you don’t feel like you’ve shelled out a fortune to no avail. Brilliant for holidays too!

So what’s in the Mama Mio Try Me Trio?

The Mighty Moisture Day and Night Moisturiser

Eye Know All-In-One Eye Serum

Clean Slate Aloe Rich Cleanser

Mama Mio Try Me TrioThe Mighty Moisture Day and Night Moisturiser is a fantastic product. It’s light and sinks into the skin quickly which I always like. I like just having the one product too – far less to pop in a bag if going away for a weekend. In theory you don’t need serums or primers if you’re using Mighty Moisture but I generally take a primer ‘just in case’.

The Eye Know All-In-One Eye Serum is a refreshing eye product. I noticed a brightening effect but am not entirely sure I could tell if it ‘lifted’ the eye area. I always ask Mr. C what he thinks when I try any new product and he inevitably says words to the effect of ‘I can’t really see any difference but you look lovely….’. A great help. Men eh?!

The Clean Slate Aloe Rich Cleanser made my skin feel lovely and clean but unlike some cleansers it doesn’t dry my skin out. I’d go as far as to say that it’s probably one of the best cleansers I’ve used although I do love the Botanicals Cleansing Melt too!

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