Marc Jacobs DAISY Eau So Fresh

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So FraicheTreated myself well & truly yesterday. I’ve been saving my Boots Advantage Points for absolutely forever and had managed to amass £80.71 worth!! Three daughters to buy for, clever use of Double Points and Christmas promotions have all helped me get that many Points. But also I kept convincing myself that it would be daft to just use the Points buying stuff I’d normally buy anyway and that I should buy something ‘special’.

As a Mum you kind of get used to always buying for others and not treating yourself I suppose, but yesterday I really bit the bullet and spent over £50 worth of Points all on little (well medium-sized) old me!

And what did I buy? Well I bought Marc Jacobs DAISY Eau So Fresh. I fell in love with the bottle at Duty Free in Heathrow last time I went on holidays. It’s gorgeous isn’t it? I love it and it smells really good too. (Oh and as a bonus I had a really cute DAISY umbrella too!!)

My other perfumes are Estee Lauder Sensuous and Chanel Chance although I’ve been an Anais Anais fan for years too.

Buy Marc Jacobs DAISY Eau So Fresh here!

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