Melvita Travel Set

Melvite Travel SetJust had a lovely night away in one of my all-time favourite and really special hotels,  The Manor House in Castle Combe.

Getting all the usual toiletries together was made a little easier this time as I had a new set of travel-sized toiletries from my daughters for Christmas.

The Melvita Travel Set they bought me was the one for Delicate Skin. (Yup, I’m a delicate soul, me, don’t you know?!)

Melvita Travel Toiletries SetThe Rose Nectar Day Cream is my favourite product in the little cute pack but the Cream Nectar Night Cream is lovely too and sinks in really well. The Cleansing Micellar Water (that’s a mouthful isn’t it?) took all my make-up off well and didn’t make my skin in the slightest bit sore. Usually I use cleansing creams but this one was brilliant.

Mr. C has a Melvita Travel Set from his Christmas Stocking too but as he’s still working through last year’s prezzies it’ll be a while before he gets round to starting his. How do men manage to make their products last so long? If only I could……

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