Munio Candela Soy Wax Candles

Munio Candela CandlesI love a nice candle I do and would happily buy a new one every time I went shopping if I could. My cinammon-scented Christmassy candle has just died so it was time last night to light a new one.

Recently I’ve become really conscious about avoiding sooty candles and so the MUNIO CANDELA soy wax candle (which has quite literally been poured into a paint can) is right up my street. I have the Relaxation candle and according to the MyPure website it is fragranced with 100% pure essential oils. I’m not sure what relaxation is meant to smell like and I’d hazard a guess that we all have our different ideas. My candle certainly smells nice but it dosn’t have the spa-like scent I’d envisaged.

So many aromatherapy-type candles produce a nasty, toxic, black soot which can contain carcinogens. Read this article here – Candle Soot: An Air Quality Issue – for a real shock!

MUNIO CANDELA soy wax candles are much better for you, tons better for the environment and burn for 50% longer than traditional candles (which is just as well as they are pretty expensive!).

PS: Heyland & Whittle do nice candles too!

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