My Fave Products At The Moment

SPAtopia and Kings & Queens beauty productsThere are so many lovely body lotions out there right now that it’s really difficult to pick a favourite. But the SPAtopia Argan Oil Body Butter is so rich and creamy that it has to be one of the best on the market.

It sinks in quite quickly which I like because it’s a right pain when you apply body lotion after a shower only to find that it stays on the surface for ages. This happened to me with a Voya Body Lotion this morning! Arghhhh!

I’m also loving Kings and Queens Queen Isabella Cinammon Orange Body Milk. Again is sinks in really well when you apply it and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling all greasy. I used it after a bath last night and I could still smell that orangey scent when I woke this morning! And my legs and elbows do feel very soft.

One of the few shower gels I really will buy again happens to be the Kings and Queens one with the same cinammon orange scent as the body milk above. Like most of us ladies I wear perfume every single day but the day before yesterday when I used the Kings and Queens Shower Gel, I kept the perfume off as I smelt so nice (even though I say it myself) after I came out of the shower!

Angela Langford Balancing Act Moisturiser

I chop and change with moisturisers all the time and have very little brand loyalty. If I think something might be better than what I’m using at the moment, then I have no hesitation in buying it to try out. The Angela Langford Balancing Act Moisturiser is one such gem of a product that I happened across recently. It sinks in well, does not make my sensitive skin flare up and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised all day. The added bonus of it being such a natural product with no nasties should not be underestimated.

GWDIHW Nail WizardAnd if you’re looking for something to keep your cuticles soft and give your nails a bit of TLC, then you need look no further than the Gwdihw Nail Wizard¬†which is in my handbag all the time or sitting on my lap when I sit down to watch TV. Well if I have an opportunity to condition my nails, then I want to make sure I have my fave nail product to hand!

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