My Freya Prize from Leia Lingerie and JuliaStyleMe

Freya Bra BeauA little while back I entered a competition to Win a Matching Set of Freya bra & knickers from Leia Lingerie on the JuliaStyleMe blog . No sooner had I entered than I promptly forgot all about it so was thrilled to get an email out of the blue sayng that I’d won!! Yay!!

Anyway, last week I went along to my local Leia Lingerie shop in Cardiff where I spent a little while narrowing down my choices from the Freya collection before being measured by a lovely lady called Sarah to check I was wearing the correct size bra. It turns out that I was and off she went to see if my choices were available in my sizes. Amazingly everything I wanted to try on plus a few others were available. (How often does that happen in the likes of M&S?!)

Freya knickers beauThirty minutes or so later, I was the proud owner of an absolutely gorgeous and very spring-like set of matching Freya undies.

In case you’re interested the set is called Beau and although it describes the colour as red online, I would say that the little bow pattern is very definitely pinky not red!

I love my Freya prize from Leia Lingerie and JuliaStyleMe! Do you?

Mrs C
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