Ayurveda Pura Natural Wellbeing Survival Kits

So you’re really stuck for ideas for what to buy for someone for Christmas? You know what I mean – the person who earns enough to be able to buy the usual bits & bobs for themselves and also happens to have virtually everything he/she wants. Well Ayurveda Pura, which I thought was just a ‘fancy’ spa in London, have the answer! Ayurveda Pura Rise and Shine Kit

They’ve come up with a series of ‘kits’ to suit everyone. Ayurveda Pura Natural Wellbeing Kits are lovely gifts and some of them are very reasonably priced too. I was a bit shocked by the price of the Timeless Beauty Kit, it’s got to be said, but there again, a couple of theatre tickets can cost more!

On their website, they say………… “Drawing on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, India’s traditional system of health, these 100% natural kits will help you maintain your health and beauty at little effort, without compromising on your daily life.” Well I’m not sure about all that, but they are pretty good gifts and contain some lovely products!

Ayurveda Pura Natural Wellbeing Survival Kits

The range contains a Calm Your Mind Kit, Anti Hangover Kit, Daily Detox Kit, Get Fit Kit, Stay Sharp kit, Rise & Shine Kit and the aforementioned Timeless Beauty Kit. Each kit contains appropriate products for the ‘theme’ and these can be anything from Herbal Tea to organic skincare products. There’s also a ‘How Ayurveda Pura Face Creamto Guide’ in each kit which tells you all about the benefits of the various products in your kit and they throw in a cute cotton drawstring bag too.

I have the Rise & Shine Kit and have already fallen in love with the creamy Daily Replenish Face Cream and the lovely Radiant Beauty Daily Face Wash but the De-Tox Ayurvedic Herbal Tea isn’t up my street at all. You win some, you lose some as they say.

Whatever your preconceived thoughts are though on this type of gift, I’d say give it a go. They’re not bad prices and The Anti-Hangover Kit for a mere £16.99 could be the perfect present for someone you know.

You can buy the kits from AyurvedaPura.com

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