New Glasses, Old Fave Frames

One thing that infuriates me following an eye test is that they’ve got you by the … well, whatever they’ve got you by!My New Old Favourite Reglazed Specs fro

Following my last eye test I was presented with a new prescription that necessitated changing my specs.  Now as any of you spectacle wearers out there will know, decent specs don’t come cheap nowadays and you can bet your life that when the time comes to choose a new pair, there isn’t a style in the opticians that you really, really like.

I have my ‘old faithfuls’ that both fit me perfectly and actually suit me.

The likes of Specsavers offer all sorts of deals to try to tempt you to buy their latest and greatest styles by offering a free pair of frames when buying your main pair.  But, when you’re a varifocal wearer, the word ‘free’ doesn’t really have the same sweetness to it, because they have to be standard this and basic that, so essentially become just a redundant pair of never-used junk sitting in my man-drawer.

So, what’s the alternative?  I was brave this time and decided to try a re-glaze service from the aptly-named ‘‘.  I’d always been a little apprehensive about sending off my favourite frames to a company I’d not heard of before with little more than an order number to keep as my insurance, but sure enough, I received my new shiny re-glazed glasses within a few days and they’re perfect.the iwearglasses reglaze page

Not only that, but they saved me a fortune.  I had high-quality ‘silver’ varifocals that had all the thin and light, scratch resistant, anti-reflective gubbins and the whole lot came to under £95.  New frames with those lenses would have cost me significantly more at my own opticians, so I saved a lot of money by doing it this way and I still have my favourite specs.  Their standard lenses re-glazing service starts from only £9.99.

Despite my initial reservations, I can’t recommend them highly enough.  A great way to save money and I keep my favourite glasses too (without accumulating another relic for the man-drawer).

The site is easy to use and their service was second-to-none.  They’ve also given us a code for you to use if you want to give them a try. Use BLOG10 at checkout and they’ll give you an extra 10% Off.

IWearGlasses re-glazing service gets TheThumbsUp definitely!

Postscript by Mrs. C – I was going to order glasses for myself from IWearGlasses but I have a really high prescription and I was disappointed to discover that I couldn’t take advantage of the superb prices. It seems that no-one is able to make high-index, high prescription varifocal glasses at a reasonable price. Opticians really do have me by the short & curlies! It’s not fair!”

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