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Next Black Platform Court ShoesI’ve been wanting a pair of nude platform high heels for a while now and it was just my luck to choose a pair from the Next site recently which were out of stock.

I spent absolutely ages trying to decide which ones to go for only to find out right at the checkout that they were no longer available. It was so annoying. Having said that they were so lovely and really reasonably priced too so it was hardly surprising this late in the season that they had all been bought up by bargain-hungry fashionistas.

The shoes I eventually ended up ordering were these gorgeous black snake platform courts and I was thrilled to find them available in extra wide which means no more blisters from squeezing my feet into way too narrow shoes.

The Next site is a little bit confusing to navigate, it’s got to be said, but it’s worth getting the hang of it as there are bargains a-plenty to be had there. Shoes aren’t easy to buy online as the sizing doesn’t seem to be very consistent when you go from site to site. Next is genuinely about as good as it gets when it comes to womens shoes and I for one will be looking there next time I don’t fancy trekking into town shoe-shopping.

Kat C
December 2012

Mrs C
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