Nine Lives by Dan Fox

Just finished reading Nine Lives by Dan Fox. It’s a beautiful read and the author’s style has a poetic, raw quality to it.

Nine Lives by Dan FoxHis descriptions almost make you feel as if you’re actually there in the thick of it, whether it’s the bustling big city  Hong Kong or the sleepy countryside in Southern Ireland .

The book is a kind of exciting ‘boy meets girl’ love story spanning many years and continents. Dan and Louisa have both have difficult childhoods. Dan ran away from home when he was 14 because his father was so violent and he becomes a successful businessman. He meets Louisa but still wants to realise his many ambitions whereas she just wants to live a quiet life, happily ever after with him.

The title ‘Nine Lives‘ comes from Dan’s feeling that our lives are made up of various stages like chapters in a book – so your past is effectively a different life. The book is a sort of journey through the life of Dan and Lousa and will genuinely appeal to men and women alike.  It’ll make a really good beach book if you’re looking for something good to read on holidays.  Mr. C is going to read this on holiday in Turkey next month and I think he’s going to enjoy it! I did anyway.

Mrs. C

You can Buy Nine Lives from Amazon HERE.

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