Not Too Sure About Weleda Skin Food

Anyone who has read any of my blogs will know what a massive Weleda fan I am but I have to say I was a little disappointed with my latest purchases.

First of all, Weleda Skin Food ….Yes it hydrates dry skin but no more than similar cheaper products. For me Weleda Skin Foodanyway, it also has quite an unpleasant smell. I wanted to try it for my feet and elbows but to be honest it hasn’t really done the job.  My heels are still quite dry and my middle-aged elbows are still looking a bit  below par!  As I said above, I wasn’t particularly impressed. For what it’s worth, it says on the Weleda website that the singer Adele is a fan of Weleda Skin Food. Well I’m an Adele fan but not really a Skin Food fan.

Next the Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Oil Capsules ….Well these I found very strange to use.

They are meant to be an intensive care treatment ‘…to replenish dry skin and reduce fine lines’.  The Weleda Wild Rose Facial Oil CapsulesWeleda site says that the capsules improve the skin’s elasticity and reduce any fine lines. Apparently, the skin’s renewal process is stimulated to give you a natural glow! Well I certainly haven’t been aware of any reduction in my fine lines though perhaps that’s partly down to the pain I’m in at the moment with a trapped nerve in my shoulder/neck area.  Stress always makes me look tired so it’s possibly the wrong time to be trying out new products. Who knows. My skin did ‘glow’ however. At least it went a strange orangey colour which along with the greasy, oily sheen didn’t make for a good look just before bed.

I’m going to carry on using the capsules over the next week or so regardless and this time I’m going to try wrapping my face in a warm, damp flannel for a few minutes after I’ve applied the oil to see if this is more effective.

Will keep you posted……

PS. Just to let you know that my entire skincare regime this morning involved Weleda Wild Rose face, eye and body products so these new bits and bobs certainly haven’t put me off!

Mrs. C

Mrs C
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