Note to Self: Check Smoke Alarms!

Smoke AlarmJust a quickie to remind you all not to forget to put your clocks back this weekend.

Yup – we get an extra hour in bed this Saturday night! Don’t you just love it when that happens? Anyway on a serious note, the bods at Fire Kills want us all to get into the habit of checking our smoke alarms regularly and so they thought we could at least remember to check them if we knew we had to do it when the clocks go back in the Autumn and forward again in March. That’s twice a year that we are bound to remember, isn’t it? Apparently only half of us check the batteries in our smoke alarms as a matter of course and as you are statistically more than 4 times more likely to die in a fire if you haven’t got a working smoke alarm, then this is clearly pretty stupid of us!

A little note….. I’m one of those people who, ridiculously, can never remember if I have to put the clocks back or forward an hour but since one of my kids told me to say to myself ‘Fall Back, Spring Forward‘ I’ve been able to remember it more easily! Who knows – it might help you!

Mrs C
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